Saturday, February 6, 2010



We headed to Mysore as it is the self-proclaimed "Ashtanga Capitol of the World." To our surprise yoga was not for sale on every tree post like it is in the rest of South India. Confused by this we just let it go and spent the time chasing another love of mine - the smell of sandelwood, of which there was plenty in incense and oil shops across the city. Turns out Ashtanga yoga is thriving in some suberb on the outskirts of Mysore. Another lesson in India, if you ask one person and they give you the answer you aren't looking for, ask another and another until they tell you what it is and where to find it. Regardless, I now am incensed with sandalwood on my wrists every day.

Woman Rolling Incesne - they say her daily record is something over 6,000


Our Oil Man - he was once Mr. India

Bidi Making Men in Mysore

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